Dr. James Budd

Dr. James Budd

Dr. James M. Budd has a degree in physics from St. Vincent College, and has been practicing optometry since 1984, when he graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. He formerly taught optics and other courses at the University of Missouri School of Optometry and the Alabama School of Optometry, and he has written computer programs (for designing contact lenses and demonstrating eye muscle problems) that are being used all over the world.

The Eyeglass Store was established by Dr. Bernard Shepman in 1981, and Dr. Budd bought the practice in 1991. It moved from its original location (in the Arcade) to its current location in 1994.

Dr. Budd enjoys spending time with his wife, Clare, and his three sons. He also enjoys music (he plays violin, keyboards, guitar, bass and mandolin), symphonies, theater, Pittsburgh sports teams, fixing things, anything on PBS, and a good laugh.

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